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March 19, 2021


     My Name is Mark. I am currently a Risk Mitigation Specialist for Sentry Force Security Services. I have spent most of my life in the business of protecting people and their property, from working as a member of Close Protection Details to Security Contractor work both domestically and overseas for the government I have learned a lot about human behavior and common mistakes that are often made that make us unintentional targets. I would like to take a few minutes to share a few things with you today that have been proven to deter a potential attack/robbery so that you may stand a better chance of keeping your family safe.

     Believe it or not, major cities across the United States has reported an increase in robberies and home invasions since 2019. With many people no longer having jobs and businesses closing down all over the nation, many people have been impacted and are hurting like never before. This change in our society has resulted in many more predatory criminals on the look out for easy opportunities. We are going to address 5 things that will help to mitigate your chances of becoming a statistic of violent crime.


     Many times when a would be assailant is looking for a potential target, they are going to be scanning the area to see whom is not paying attention. Those people who are fumbling around for their keys walking through the parking lot, tying their shoes, playing with their phone while walking, the things just mentioned make one a soft target to an assailant. Any time you are going to or from your place of business, work or home, always be on the look out for things that look out of place such as people or situations that have the potential to be hazardous to you or your party's coming and going from/to the vehicle. Maintain body language that shows that you are in fact alert and walk with purpose to and from.your points of destination. Those few things alone will go a long ways in deterring a would be assailant while out in public.


     With the way the world is today you never know when you will run into a riot or a bad accident where the highway or road has been shut down for hours. With that being said, its important to be sure that you never let your fuel tank get below a half of tank of fuel, especially in the winter months. Running out of fuel can obviously make for a very bad situation, opening the door to several potential tragedies. A couple of those tragedies being if it is winter, you could possibly catch hypothermia before help arrives. The other one being that you could be victimized because you are essentially out in the middle of no where with no real way to get away if a situation arises because your vehicle is out of fuel. 


     This I think to some extent is pretty obvious. Light keeps darkness and typically those whom would lurk in darkness away. Having motion detection lighting is a real value to any family in this day and age as the lighting will take away the assailant's advantage of using the darkness for cover and still save you money on your utility bill as the light will not stay bright or on the entire night. (This link here has some great examples, )  I definitely recommend trimming or completely taking down all brush or trees that would provide an assailant a place of cover as well, again taking away any appeal that the outside of your house might give to a potential assailant.


     While any door can be breached, why make it easy for the bad guys? For literally a few hundred dollars, you can put a heavy, double locking security screen door on both your front and back doors that will add value and serious security to your home. (Like the ones listed on this site. ) I can tell you that stats and interviews with criminals themselves certainly show that most thieves are opportunist and for the most part, lazy. If your place looks as if it is going to take quite a bit of extra work to get into than what would be required to break into your neighbors house, (Unless they have been in your home before and are targeting something in your home in particular.), there is a good chance they are going to just go next door if it means that it will be less work to breach the house. 


     You would be amazed at what all can be learned about an individual just by simply sifting through their trash. Receipts, credit card statements, and documents with personal information on them can leave you very vulnerable for a robbery AND identity theft as they may tell a potential assailant where you like to shop and the kinds of things you may have bought and your personal identifying information. Papers such as these should be shredded to prevent compromising information falling into the wrong hands. If you own a business which has constant secure document disposal needs, or you just simply have a lot of sensitive documents that need disposed of, there are companies out there such as who are in the business of shredding and disposing of sensitive documents routinely.  With that being said, it is also worth a mention that because many in today's society live in neighborhoods where the houses are in close proximity to one another and near the street, you really want to avoid putting boxes at the curb that "advertise" a new expensive purchase such as TV's, DVD players, lap tops, computer boxes and the likes. Boxes that had expensive items in them at the curb are huge green lights for people who have insidious motives whom live in or are roaming your neighborhood looking for an easy victim. Your best bet for disposing of these is to find a cardboard or paper recycling bin and dispose of these boxes there so that you are not essentially advertising to the world that there is valuable stuff in your home that would make it worth a thief's time.

     The things listed above are in no way all inclusive, but instead are good starting points for keeping your family safe. Hopefully this brief article will help you on your way to lessening your chances of an encounter with violent crime. If you are seeking in depth council regarding your residence, business, personal protection, training or advisement, Sentry Force Security Services is in the business of training, advisement and protection. You can reach them at 1-877-236-7230. Thank you for reading this article, Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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