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Training Services

  • Self-Defense Training:

Don't want to trade punches? Want to learn to disarm a would be attacker? Learn to neutralize an attacker quickly and efficiently. We offer Training using Military Grade Krav Maga, restructured for Corporate personnel, Teachers, Medical Professionals, Executive Protection Operatives, and Security Personnel. We also instruct Mastery courses through belt progression which runs roughly 15 months. Or you can opt to take our Corporate Safety Seminar which runs 2 days for a quick set of skills. We also offer private group lessons.

  • Firearms Training and Certification:

Whether you are in the Protection Business or are an individual seeking to further your firearms knowledge and training to surpass the State Certifying level or are a company wanting to give your Security Personnel much more in- depth Firearms Training, we have the solution for you. We offer training in quick draw techniques, enhanced targeting, speed techniques, and stress simulation training. We instruct it all.

  • Security Guard Training and Certification:

We teach Security Officer instruction in 5 phases. 1 through 3 deal with general laws and regulations concerning Security Guard work, emergency First Aid and hazards in the workplace.  Observe and report basics, Patrol and guard tactics in various settings, understanding general human psychology and de-escalation methods, intro to direct action and detainment techniques.

Phases 4 and 5 deal with General laws in regards to firearms self defense or defense of a client with a firearm, proper firearms safety and retention in a work capacity, targeting ability and targeting efficiency under pressure and movement to the certifying level.  We do NOT cover every law or regulation concerning every state and jurisdiction. Individual or companies should check with local laws before working as or deploying security personnel to be sure that their actions will not be deemed illegal in their perspective state or jurisdiction where deployed. Agencies/individuals can not take phases 4 and 5 until they have been certified in phases 1-3.)

  • BodyGuard/Executive Protection Certification:

You will learn client protection protocols, Which include physical shielding, building, automotive and hallway protection techniques. You will also learn intermediate hand to hand training, Expert Firearms Certification, Expert Driver Certification both in defensive and offensive techniques. You will also learn Security Team management and security systems placement and implementation. Teams or individuals are welcome.

  • Military/Securi​ty Contractor Certification:

Learn the late​st techniques of protection for companies and groups from vehicle escort, to securing and holding secure ares of terrain to allow for civilian or federal contractors to function with minimal threat to their work while in hostile places. You will learn decisive threat assessment, perimeter security,  fire control techniques, (both offensive and defensive), unit movement techniques, and building breaching and securement among various other skills.

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