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Training Services

  • Self-Defense Training:

Don't want to trade punches? Want to learn to disarm a would be attacker? Learn to neutralize an attacker quickly and efficiently. We offer Training using a style of Military Grade Krav Maga, geared for Corporate personnel, Teachers, Medical Professionals, Executive Protection Operatives, and Security Personnel. We also instruct Mastery courses thru belt progression which runs roughly 13 months, or you can opt to take our Corporate Safety Seminar which runs roughly 2 days for a quick set of skills. We also offer private lessons.

  • Tactical Driver Training:

In this Training Block learn to get your client to their destination safely, and most importantly, alive. We teach defensive, and offensive driving techniques, as well as threat assessment while under pressure.

  • Tactical Firearms Training:

Whether you are in the Security Business, or are an individual seeking to further your Firearms knowledge and training to surpass the State Certifying level, or are a company wanting to give your Security Personnel much more in- depth Firearms Training, we have the solution for you. We offer training in quick draw techniques, enhanced targeting, and speed techniques, we instruct it all.

  • Private Military Contractor (PMC) /Private Security Contractor(PSC) Training And Certification:

This Training Block is exclusively geared towards In-house Security teams, or Security Companies that offer Executive Protection Operations/Escort Teams to high profile, exceptionally dangerous contracts globally. For more information about this Block, please contact us to speak with a client support specialist.

  • Specialized Counterterrorism Training and Certification:

For Police Departments, PMC's and PSC's this grueling 80 hour course is to get your team up to speed with the latest information and techniques in regards to not just spotting potential threats, but more importantly to stop or retard the damage that can be done by those attempting terrorism. We train to a wide array of scenarios and can adjust environments to better suit your particular teams needs.

  • BodyGuard/Executive Protection Specialist:

You will learn up to date client protection protocols, Which include physical shielding, building, automotive and hallway protection techniques. You will also learn intermediate hand to hand training, Expert Firearms Certification, Expert Driver Certification both in defensive and offensive techniques. You will also learn Security Team management and security systems placement and implementation. Teams or individuals are welcome.

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Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts Training